"The fashion handbag company with a difference"
Welcome to "bag-a-licious"
I have put together a selection of my favourite fashion bags; handbags, clutch bags, grab bags, shoulder bags and cross body bags, many with matching purses in distinctive styles, all at competitive prices giving you value for money so you don't have to break the piggy bank with designer labels.

I have always loved to have distinctive handbags which people have not seen before.
I am always asked " where do you get your bags from? They are so different!
So I decided to start my own company in York, UK and so
"bag-a-licious" was born.

If you want quality, value and distinctive fashion handbags, then please take a look at my collection of bags and purses.
Love Tracey

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"bag-a-licious handbags are bag-a-liciously beautiful"

Tel: 07734 818764
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Stacks Image 1490
code: 1CB

Stacks Image 1540
Box Bag
code: 1BBFT

Stacks Image 1538
code: 1LBFW

Stacks Image 1542
Shoe Shop Bag
code: 8LBSW

Stacks Image 1546
Boutique Bag Black
code: 2BBLBB

Stacks Image 1544
Boutique Bag Rose
code: 2BBLBR

Stacks Image 691
Cupcake Bag White
code: 3LBCCW

Stacks Image 1084
Cupcake Box Bag White
code: 3BBCCW

Stacks Image 715
Cupcake Bag Pink
code: 3LBCCP

Stacks Image 1245
Cupcake Box Bag Pink
code: 3BBCCP

Stacks Image 1263
Cafe Cat Bag Black
code: 4CBLBB

Stacks Image 1283
Cafe Cat Bag White
code: 4CBLBW

Stacks Image 1432
Cafe Cat Box Bag White
code: 4BBCBW

Stacks Image 1483
Penny Farthing Clutch Bag Beige
Code: 10MCPFB

Stacks Image 1444
Penny Farthing Bag Beige
Code: 10CGPFB

Stacks Image 1686
Umbrella Classic Grab Bag Stone
Code: 5UCGS

Stacks Image 1698
Umbrella Classic Grab Bag Lime
Code: 5UCGL

Stacks Image 1710
Umbrella Classic Grab Bag Aqua
Code: 5UCGA

Stacks Image 1949
Umbrella Cross Body Bag Lime
Code: 5UCBL

Stacks Image 1961
Umbrella Clutch Bag Aqua
Code: 5UMCA

Stacks Image 1973
Umbrella Messenger Bag
Code: 5UMS

Stacks Image 2152
Umbrella Clutch Bag Lime
Code: 5UMCL

Stacks Image 2164
Tropical Paradise Toucan Classic Bag Black
Code: 6TPCGB

Stacks Image 2176
Umbrella Clutch Bag Stone
Code: 5UMCS

Stacks Image 2305
Tropical Paradise Toucan Cross Body Bag Jade
Code: 6TPCBJ

Stacks Image 2317
Tropical Paradise Toucan Mini Bag White
Code: 6TPMCW

Stacks Image 2329
Tropical Paradise Toucan Cross Body Bag Black
Code: 6TPCBB

Stacks Image 2535
Tropical Paradise Toucan Mini Bag Jade
Code: 6TPMCJ

Stacks Image 2547
Music Butterfly Bag
Code: 7MBCB

Stacks Image 2559
Tropical Paradise Toucan Mini Bag Black
Code: 6TPMCB

Stacks Image 2438
Music Butterfly Crossover  Body Bag
Code: 7MBCBB